China Hand hold TM/ID card iButton duplicator Card Copy Machine- writting DS/TM 1990/,RW1990 card


China Handheld TM/ID card iButton duplicator Card Copy Machine- writting DS/TM 1990/,RW1990 card


Hand hold TM /ID card duplicator Induction Card Copy Machine  TM/ ID Card Copy Machine handheld Duplicator



1)It can copy TM card and ID card(125khz), such as Access Card , District Card , Parking Card and so on

2)It is easy to operate, convenient , and just need three seconds to copy successfully.

Small size , with buckle , easy to carry , use batteries.

3)with 9V battery supplied


1) It can copy TM card ,item Tm1990a, DS1990/RW1990(ds1990A-F5,TM1990A-F5,DS1990R-F5);Cyfral key(cyfral,RW1,RW2000, DC2000 );Metakom key format.It could rewrite these format through our new design TM1 ibutton so many times .Normal ,it also could copy DS1990 or Tm1990a into rw1990 ,not must need our tm1 ibutton . You also could use our tm1 ibutton copy target ibutton DS1990 or tm1990a  .   



TM1 Key is a button key, compatible with DS1990/RW1990(DS1990A-F5,TM1990A-F5,DS1990R-F5);Cyfral key(cyfral,RW1,RW2000);Meketom key (DC2000) format.


TM1 can copy ds1990/TM1990 key code,its function is simillar with RW1990 smart card, with  dallas  format 64bit ROMID code.


TM1 can copy cyfral format, and rewrite many times when probe touch on the key thourgh the hole of plastic holder.


TM1 can copy Metakom format, and rewrite many times when probe touch on the key thourgh the hole of plastic holder.

Functions of Smart card duplicator

Can read to copy TM(DS)smart card,item of chips:TM1990A,RW1990,TM01,RW2000

Can copy ID card: EM 4100 

Working voltage: put 9V battery packed cell or link with data cable with computer to supply power(for example:USB)

Material: ABS plastic

Volume: 100*60*20 mm


Here is the video link to show about it :


Operation instruction:

Firstly, turn on the switch at the side, put card A on the reader.One sound later,the indicator lights blue,then put the copy card on the reader,put away the card afterone sound, then the copy card will successfully changed into card A(has 2 reader, TM card reader and ID card area).If you want to copy more than one card A, put all copy cards continuously on the reader. When you want to copy into card B, you should restart the machine,that is,turn off and then turn on again, the following proceduce is the same as stated above.



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