Rewritable UID Changeable RFID Card


China Manufacturer Encoding Rewritable UID Changeable RFID Card


Product :UID button card


Size :32*3.5*40mm


Product frequency:13.56Mhz

Color :blue/grey/pink/purple/red/green/yellow


User for : Attendance, access control, elevators, business management


16 sectors fully open, 0 serial number can be replaced UID card, IC is a real blank copy card, IC card for copying with a special button card



This card is UID twisted card, you can repeatedly erase, you can rewrite all the sector data, you can modify UID mifare card. For example: mifare 1k card, s50 card


1. This card is fully compatible with mifare 1k card


2 card block 0 (UID) where the block area can be modified, repeated changes.


3 block0 directly with the normal reader to modify, do not need special devices.


4.The default password for 4 cards is 12 f, which is ffffffffffff.


5 it can laser flow code, engraving text, numbers and so on.



6 waterproof, anti-x-ray detection, anti-magnetic effects


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